Kalkan's location makes it excellent base from which to explore the wonderful region of Antalya.



The more bohemian town of Kaş is a 30 minute drive from Kalkan or more fun by bus (Dolmuş) along a truly spectacular coastal scenic road.

Kas is a pretty harbour town. Here you can see some ancient tombs (Sarcophagi) and a Hellenistic amphitheatre from the 1st Century. Situated behind the amphitheatre on top of the hill there is a Doric tomb.

There are many good restaurants and bars in Kas. Market day is on Friday.



45 minutes approximately by bus (Dolmus), Xanthos is the oldest town and ancient capital of Lycia.

It was buried under an earthquake and is still being excavated from Roman and Byzantine times. When the Persian army led by Harpagus besieged the city, the people committed suicide rather than be taken than the Persians.

You will see a magnificent amphitheatre, several monuments and the ruins of a large church with some clearly visible coloured mosaics.



Letoon is situated 6km from Xanthos. This was an important religious centre for the Lycian people and has remains of the Temples of Leto and her children, Apollo and Artemis. Many of the ruins are half submerged by water.



Less than two hours away by bus (Dolmus) or an hours drive away Fethiye is the nearest large town. This ancient town was the largest town in Lycia and here you can see the remains of a theatre and the rock tombs of Amintas.

Fethiye is a bustling harbour town with a very good shopping area.The fish market is one of the town’s most famous tourist attractions where you can buy a fish from one of the traders and have it cooked there and then at one of the restaurants which encircle the fish stalls.Great fun ! There’s a famous big market on Tuesdays and many excellent restaurants.

Down by the harbour its great to sit and people watch or you can walk for miles along a lovely promenade to the nearby town of Calis ( Chalis Beach) stopping for a coffee or a beer or a meal on the way.Its a long stretch to Chalis ,especially in the heat of the summer but you can always catch a bus or a taxi back to Fethiye centre.


Saklikent Gorge

Visit the 3rd longest gorge in Europe and enjoy a wonderful day out exploring the canyon or by relaxing under cool leafy glases as the icy waters rush by!

Be sure to bring suitable footwear or purchase some when you are there as many a flip flop has been lost to the rushing waters!

Very refreshing on a scorching hot day.


Kekova, The Sunken City

Separated from the mainland, usually reached by boat from Kalkan or nearby Kas, Kekova was once an anchor point for pirates and Romans. This is without doubt the prettiest ancient site along the Lycian coast.

Take a glass bottomed boat trip to view the ancient towns of Aperloi, Simena and Teimiussa rising from the aqua waters.


The Ghost Village of Kayakoy

Kayakoy was emptied in 1923 when Attaturk ended the War of Independence and all of the foreigners were repatriated. The village has stood empty since, yet there are over 3,000 houses as well as three churches. One of the churches has a fresco depicting Christ’s last supper.


village tours

Just a few kilometres inland from Kalkan you can experience a flavour of traditional Turkish village life.

Local villages include Bezirgan, Saribelen, Islamlar and Üzümlü just a short drive away by hire car or by arrangement with one of the taxis. In Islamlar we recommend you enjoy a fresh trout lunch or dinner at one of the many trout restaurants.